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The C-FORTS 96 Shelter.

The C-FORTS 96 fold-out shelters come with all the features and benefits that make C-FORTS modular buildings so advantageous for the military, including an expandable design, facilitating rapid transportation via land, sea or air.

The C-FORTS 96 is available in two models:

C-FORTS 96x102 Measurements:

Shipping: 8’6”H x 8’W x 20’L
Deployed: 8'6"H x 21'1"W x 20'L
Interior: 7'H x 20'3"W x 15'6"L
Unit Weight: 8400 lbs.


C-FORTS 96x96 Measurements:

Shipping: 8’H x 8’W x 20’L
Deployed: 8'H x 20'1"W x 20L
Interior: 6'6"H x 19'3"W x 15'6'L
Unit Weight: 8000 lbs.

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C-FORTS 96 Shelter

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