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The C-FORTS 48 Shelter.

At half the width of the C-FORTS 96 portable building, the C-FORTS 48 fold-out shelter offers all the advantages of its bigger brother, while weighing in much lighter, and taking up less room both during transportation and when expanded in full deployment.

The C-FORTS 48 is available in two models:

C-FORTS 48x102 Measurements:

Shipping: 8'6"H x 4'W x 20'L
Deployed: 8'6"H x 17'1"W x 20'L
Interior: 7'H x 16'3"W x 15'6"L
Unit Weight: 6600 lbs.


C-FORTS 48x96 Measurements:

Shipping: 8'H x 4'W x 20'L
Deployed: 8'H x 16'1"W x 20L
Interior: 6'6"H x 15'3"W x 15'6"L
Unit Weight: 6000 lbs.

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C-FORTS 48 Shelter

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