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Strut Your Stuff In Style

At 16`x 16`and with lots of large windows, the FORTS showroom is an exceptional venue for presenting your wears. Whether it`s a real estate sales center, a new product demonstration or a gallery, the FORTS mobile showroom is both luxurious and replete with a wide variety of amenities to help you make the sale.

Capitalizing On Opportunity.

Folding out to six times its transportation volume, in just ten minutes by a team of three people, this unit is the ultimate in ease of use. Because of its small shipping footprint, it can be delivered by an F-150 pickup truck, and wheeled down hallways and through doorways before assembly.

Expanding To Meet Your Needs.

FORTS® vestibule provides a walkway that connects multiple shelters together, creating the ability to make complexes. The units themselves have connections built right in, to facilitate easy assembly.


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